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The Ultimate Yoga Practice for Mind, Body & Spirit

Raja Rocket Yoga continues the legacy left by my teacher, Larry Schultz: making advanced yoga poses accessible to beginners, and yoga philosophy understandable and relatable to the modern world, while staying connected to the ancient eight-fold path of Patanjali, also known as Raja Yoga.
There are no teachers. We are all students.  We are all beginning again, in every moment.

Rocket Pose


Teaching yoga is not just a career or a business. It is a privilege and a blessing. Every time I teach it is not just for others, but for my own personal enjoyment and evolution. There is always more to learn, more to remember, more to realise, and more to share. I hope that my knowledge and trainings will encourage you to seek your own experience through the many practices that explore the vast universe within and without. 

Rocket Pose

Enjoy the Experience
of Being Alive

Rocket yoga has been my rock for 25 years, from dance floors to diapers and now teens in a village outside London. Yoga isn’t something you’re trying to become “good” at, it’s something to enjoy. Raja Rocket Yoga grew from a love of yoga of course, but also a love of the people I need to make this happen. 

I am here to help you cultivate a consistent practice​, where you can witness first hand that "you're stronger than you think you are."  (--Larry Schultz)


All my love, Amme

Why Choose Raja Rocket Yoga?

Suitable for All Levels

Flexible Class Schedule

Personalised Guidance

Advanced Yoga Techniques

Proven Health Benefits

Experienced Yoga Teachers

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