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Terms and conditions


Medical Health  

• By signing up to this course you are confirming that you have declared all physical or mental conditions that would prevent you from taking part fully in the training for which you have applied, or that would disrupt the delivery of the course for you or others on the course.

• When applying for this course you must advise the teachers of any pre-existing conditions that may affect your training, and any medication being taken with any assessment of how those conditions or that medication might affect your participation in the course. It is at the discretion of RajaRocketYoga not to accept you onto the course should their assessment be you are not capable of full participation. 

• If you have to miss any hours of training due to health reasons, you must inform the teachers via email or text message in advance of that session taking place where possible. 

• Although every effort will be made to arrange ways of making up missed hours, if extra sessions are required, where these are scheduled with support teachers, these will not be covered by the training fee, and may incur an extra cost.  



• In signing up to this course you are acknowledging that participation in physical activity of yoga may result in accident or injury, and that you assume all the risks and responsibility of participating in this teacher training programme. 

• RajaRocketYoga and their staff are not to held liable for any injury or damage that comes as a result of using the yoga studio/residence and its surroundings, performing asana, or using yoga equipment for any purpose


• All deposits paid to reserve a place on a course are non-refundable. 

• If you cancel over six weeks before the start date the deposit may be transferable to a different course, at the discretion of RajaRocketYoga. This deposit must be used within a year of the course originally booked.  


• The balance of the course must be received by RajaRocketYoga six weeks before the course start date. If this does not happen, your place may be given to another student. In this case no funds from your deposit will be returned. If any financial issues arise in the lead up to the course, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will always listen.

• Payments must be made by bank transfer. Any charges or fees must be covered by you. 



• If you need to cancel over six weeks before the start date, the deposit remains nonrefundable. Any additional funds paid towards course fees will be fully refunded. 

• If you cancel less than six weeks before the start date, the deposit remains non-refundable. The deposit may be transferable within the six-week period, at the discretion of RajaRocketYoga, if another student takes your place on the course. If your space is filled, any additional funds paid towards fees will be returned. If no student takes your space, additional funds will not be returned but can be transferred towards another training. 

• If you cancel within a week of the start date, the deposit and additional funds are nonrefundable and non-transferable. 

• If you have to withdraw from the course for medical reasons that have arisen since signing up to the course, a note from a registered doctor must be presented, in which case the deposit remains non-refundable, but the deposit and any additional funds paid can be transferable to any other training with us.

• If a training is cancelled 100% of your fees paid, including any deposit, will be refunded. 


• In order to uphold teaching standards, we reserve the right to withhold a certificate or suggest further training before being certified if you do not meet the requirements to hold the certificate. 

• For Advanced Trainings, the certificate you are awarded will reflect the number of hours you have participated in. If you miss sessions, we will make every effort to provide you with ways of making up the hours. If you do not, these hours will be deducted from your certificate and may put you at risk of the certificate being withheld. 

• For Foundation 200 hour Trainings, you cannot be certified unless ALL of the required contact hours have been completed.

• If you are unavoidably absent, you may catch up hours with our instructors. However, you must attend 75% of the course in person. If you miss more than 25% of the course, we reserve the right to withhold your certificate. 

• If you do not pass your final exam the first time, you will be able to re-do the exam at a later date, and we will accommodate you in every way we can. Please note there is an £80 re-sit fee, plus the cost of studio hire (you may share this with another student re-sitting if appropriate, and you may also provide your own venue for the re-sit if preferred).

• We reserve the right to remove you from the course for any and all inappropriate behaviour, aggression, lack of discipline and/or disruptive behaviour. You will be given one written warning, and if behaviour does not improve, you will be asked to leave and no funds will be returned.  


These terms and conditions are very important as they protect both us and all of the students on the course, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the training together.


 If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. 

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